Hey Everybody,

Let’s face it, the Remote Workforce is going to be around with us for quite a long time to come, and even going well into next year.  While some brick and mortar businesses are reopening their doors for employees, many are opting to choose the virtual environment.  After all, why pay thousands of dollars in rent when that can be reinvested into product development and marketing, right?

The notion of the Remote Workforce has also compounded the Cybersecurity Threat Landscape to greater degrees never imagined before.  For example, there is the meshing of the home networks with the corporate networks, causing even more vulnerabilities to open up, thus letting the Cyberattacker to penetrate in quite easily. 

IT Security teams across Corporate America are fast scrambling to find answers to these kinds of issues and fast.  But the other problem is that they are overstretched to their breaking points, and need help.  One solution here is to outsource critical functions, to a trusted third party vendor that can manage all of these tasks for you.

In this podcast, we have the honor and privilege of interviewing Dasha Deckwerth and Robert Davies, the Founder and CEO, respectively of a leading Cybersecurity company known as the Stealth-ISS Group, Inc.  Find out how you can make use of a one stop shop to fill all of your security needs in these uncertain times.

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