Hey Everybody,

As we wrap up 2020 in a very quick fashion, this has year has proven to be like no other in the world of Cybersecurity.  Not only have there been two major breaches just in the last two months, but there have also been a huge uptick in the total number of Ransomware attacks that is occurring against the healthcare industry in the United States.

This creates a double whammy, as hospitals are fast become oversaturated with new cases of COVID19 in this uptick as well.  Because of all of this, everybody is now going to become prone to even more audits by Federal Regulators in order to make sure that the confidential medical information and data that they are entrusted with remains safe and intact, especially from malicious third parties.

How can one go about doing this?  In this podcast, we have the honor privilege of interviewing Kevin Mabry, the CEO of Sentree Systems.  They offer a range of services from Penetration Testing to conducting Dark Web Analyses to make sure that their clients remain well protected.

Kevin is also responsible for day-to-day operations of the overall health of the company, and the vision and the direction it takes.  He is also the face of the business and is very active when it comes to Data Security speaking engagements with local associations like the Indiana State Bar Association, Indiana CPA Society, Indiana SBA, networking events and hosting booths at various events.

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