Here are two more KPIs you need to be aware of:

The Failure To Enroll Rate also referred to as FTE, describes the probability that a person simply cannot enroll into a biometric system.  The likely cause of a Failure To Enroll Rate is that the person just does not have enough unique features for the biometric system to capture.

For example, an employee of your business may not be able to enroll them self into your biometric system because they just do not have enough unique fingerprint or hand geometry data for the system to capture.

Although the FTE is usually a small percentage, it is important to have a manual back up system in case you have any employees that simply cannot enroll into the biometric system.

The Ability To Verify Rate is also known as the ATV.  This performance standard demonstrates the probability of the overall percentage of users that can be verified by a biometric system.  For example, the total percentage of employees at your business that be successfully authenticated by the biometric system in order to gain access to entry.

The ATV can also be thought of as the combination of the FTE and the FRR.  Mathematically, this can be represented as:

ATV = [(1-FTE) * (1-FRR)]
It is important to maintain a high ATV, and as a result, this performance standard is more important than the FTE.

In the next blog, we examine some of the engineering aspects of a Biometric System.