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Apart from the fear of Coronavirus and its impact on Cybersecurity, another area that is at grave risk is our Critical Infrastructure, especially our Industrial Control Systems (ICSs).  Most of these are legacy based systems built in the 1970’s, thus it is very important to protect them being attacked.  Just imagine if our electrical grid and water supply lines were unavailable for weeks at a time?

We get more insight into this from Leonard Jacobs, the President/CEO of Netsecuris LLC.  Netsecuris specializing in providing cyber security protections to the utilities, financial services, manufacturing, and government sectors. Leonard founded Netsecuris in July 2000.

Leonard has 37 years of hands-on technology management experience including over 21 years in cyber security. He has spoken on many cyber security topics at conferences around the world and has written many cyber security whitepapers. 

Leonard is considered an expert in Industrial Control System cyber security. His first employment, after college, was with a major minicomputer manufacturer in the 1980s; which was a major supplier of industrial control systems to power plants and steel mills.

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