In today’s blog, we detour away from Biometrics for a few days and get into the security weaknesses of Smartphones.  Here we go:


Let’s face it, the times are changing.  We are at a point now in society where everything seems converge all together in one place, namely our Smartphone.  It has literally become an extension of both our personal and professional lives.  For example, much of our office work can be done on the Smartphone if we work remotely.  We can exchange files and emails with our coworkers and colleagues, and even type up a document and create a spreadsheet.

With our family and friends, we can exchange pictures, videos, and even share content from our own personal Social Media Sites.  In the end, who really even makes a direct call anymore?  Most of our communications is now done via texting and instant messaging on Facebook or WhatsApp.

But just imagine for a second, what if something were to happen to our Smartphone?  What if it was lost, or stolen, or even hit by a Cyber-attack?  As individuals, we would be totally and completely paralyzed.  We would not know what to do, and fear desperation would take complete hold of us.

Therefore, it is important to know what some of the security vulnerabilities are out there, whether it is associated with our iPhone, Android, Samsung, or even Windows device.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post as we detail all of these weaknesses!!!