Ok, well have you have waited long enough now.  The moment of truth has now arrived.  We now address two of the factors which will affect the security of your iPhone/Samsung/Android devices, as well as the data it contains.  However, keep in mind that two of these factors are actually rather “murky”.  What do I mean by this?  Well, it is rather difficult to quantify the exact level of threat posed to your wireless device.

These factors are really nebulous, and in fact are quite new to the Cyber security world.  Only time will tell as to how they will exactly shape the threat landscape to your Smartphone.  Well, here they are:

1)      Political factors will be a catalyst for Smartphone attacks:

In the recent election here in the United States, there were claims that the Russian Government initiated Cyber based attacks onto the Wireless devices of the individual voters in order to skew the outcome of it. While these claims are still being investigated and disputed, these headlines have illustrated the sheer fact that a Malware based Attack onto your Smartphone can come from literally thousands of miles away, unbeknown to your knowledge.  The good news is that it is expected that individual Smartphones so far will not be the prime targets in the immediate time frame, but rather, it will be those Smartphones which corporation and businesses and use.  So therefore, C-Level Executives and other business owners have to take extra efforts to make sure that their Security Policies are not only tightened, but are also being enforced as well.

2)      Cloud usage will grow, and so will the Security Risks and Threats posed to it:

We all have heard of the Cloud, and whether we know it or not, we use it on a daily basis, whether it is for work or personal needs.  We have shifted away from logging into the Cloud straight from a hard wired computer to now our Smartphone.  Thus, the advent of the iCloud and other types of Wireless Cloud providers have become very popular.  But, it is important to keep in mind that along with the ease and convenience that the Wireless Cloud brings, it also brings in its own set of security vulnerabilities as well.  For example, whenever we connect to the Internet from it, or even share files and pictures with our friends and family, we are often left with the feeling that it is all secure.  But, this is far from the truth.  Many of these connections from our Smartphone are actually insecure, and this is the one area where the Cyber attacker of tomorrow (and even in 2017) are targeting, by preying upon our feelings of trust in the Wireless Cloud provider.

To elude what the next couple days of blog content hold, there are overall six factors which will affect the security of mobile devices and the data which is transmitted to and from them.  Today we have covered two of them, so that means there are four left.  We will cover two more tomorrow.

In my opinion, yes, the Cloud will always have security threats and risks posed to it, there is nothing new about that.  But what I find most alarming are the threats and risks posed from the political landscape.  Perhaps the so called Russian hacking attempts have been real, and there are just a  prelude of “bigger and worse” things yet to come?  Who knows, 2017 will tell us in one way or another.