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As we know, the Cybersecurity industry is a huge and nebulous one.  We all think that we understand it, but in reality, we really don’t.  There is so much that is involved, ranging from Penetration Testing to Compliance to Work From Home (WFH) issues.  For the most part, we are all focused on technology. 

But did you realize there are other components as well?  They are two other critical aspects, and they are the people and the processes.  So how do you achieve between all of this?  Listen in to today’s podcast. Jay Harmon, of BorderHawk, provides these answers.

*Understanding Cyberspace & Cybersecurity
• Solving People, Process, and Technology problems involving cyberspace and cybersecurity
• Identifying and investigating contemporary threats involving cyberspace 
• Anticipating the convergence of cybersecurity and the physical world 
• Articulating risk issues related to cyberspace and cybersecurity 
• Crafting custom solutions to the challenges of cyberspace and cybersecurity  

Preventative Solutions:
• Standards Based Information Risk Assessments 
• Cyber Security Testing 
• Information Security Training  
• Cybersecurity Analytics 
• Technical Surveillance Countermeasures 
• Business Forensics  
• Consulting on Information Assurance Issues 
• Cyber Incident Response 
 • Cybersecurity Alerting 
• Information Governance
• Supply Chain & Systems Acquisition Security


Highlights: Managing Director, BorderHawk

Professional Experience:

  • Information Security and Privacy Risk Assessments
  • Information Security Program Management 
  • IT Strategy, Turnaround, and Transformation
  • Change Management
  •  Organizational Communications
  •  Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
  •  Documentation and Training
  •   Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Information Risk Analysis
  • Project Management 
  • System Development Methodology

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