Hey Everybody,

As we know, dozens of high-profile breaches hit the news waves every year, and for every one you know about there are a dozen or more than have happened that you don’t. This kind of Cyber Threat Landscape has become even worse with the newer threat variants that have been brought on by COVID19.

Also, the sudden acceleration of the Remote Workforce environment has once again created a wild west of sorts, where bad actors are rubbing their hands in anticipation. There has never been a better chance to hit paydirt than right now. 

One of the areas that is the hardest now is the Network Infrastructure of the many businesses in Corporate America.  There are many backdoors that are still left wide open, such as through Open Ports that are not being used.  Gone are the days of the “Smash and Grab” campaigns of the past.  Now, the Cyberattacker is taking their own sweet time to study their victims, in an effort to move in as silently and slowly as possible. 

From here, the intention is to move into a lateral fashion so that the Cyberattacker can steal all of confidential information and data, as well as Intellectual Property, a bit at a time, going unnoticed.  And if your company does not catch on to this, it will more than likely be too late to do anything about it.

In this podcast, we’re talking with  Garrett Stanley, Senior Information Security Engineer at Virtual Armour.  He is constantly on the Cybersecurity front lines to get a pulse on the changes they’ve seen in the online landscape, threat environment, and changes attack trends. Where are bad actors focusing, and what does the risk for your organization look like? 

How are things different now than they were six months ago? 

Find out the answers to these questions by listening to our podcast, which can be downloaded at this link: