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There are many forces that are driving the world of Cybersecurity today, one of them of course is the COVID19 pandemic, but the other is data.  In Corporate America, and even worldwide, companies are amassing a ton of information about their customers, competitors, and even market intelligence data.  One of the key issues is these days is to how to keep all of this safe, and away from the predatory hands of the Cyberattacker.

Well, this is where you count upon your IT Security team to do their job.  But as we know today, they are totally overburdened and completely overtaxed with all that they have to do, especially when it comes to filtering for all of those false positives, coming in from all sorts of directions.  In order to help improve the efficiencies of these teams, many CIOs and CISOs are now thinking of measuring their performance through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other job-related metrics.

In today’s podcast, we have the honor and the privilege of interviewing Jesse Dean, the Vice President of Solutions at TDI.  In this segment, he explains the details of their product called “CnSight” which can help CIOs and CISOs to accomplish this very goal.

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