Hey Everybody,

I am sure that all of us are getting tired of hearing about COVID19 in some way, shape, or form.  But unfortunately, this is the new normal, and this virus it does not look like that this virus is going away anytime soon.  So, we have to deal with what we have now, and try to come to grips with what the future holds of it, especially from the perspective of Cybersecurity.

We have touched on this topic in other, previous podcasts, but only on a general level.  But in today’s podcast, we do a deep dive into this, and this time, we have a panel of experts weighing in as to what the proverbial “new normal” will look like.  Our discussion is with:

*Caleb Kwong, the CEO of Savant Solutions;

*Tim Keeler, the Founder and CEO of Remediant;

*Patrick Peterson, the Founder of Agari.

Listen in to this podcast and learn how to fine tune your Cyber strategies for the rest of this year: