In today’s blog, we finish our theme of the trends and trends in which how you can use Business Intelligence tools to harness that information you have in your Smartphone.  Here we go:

  • 2017 will be the year of value:

Yes, corporations and businesses have a lot of datasets, and the mindset so far has been to find those trends which are the most obvious or which can be discerned without too much effort.  But, with the sophistication of BI Tools expected to take off in 2017, there will be a movement now in the market research departments of businesses and corporations to try now and extract value from it which is often very granular and difficult to discover in the first or even second phases of analyses.  Very often, when these trends are finally discovered, this is what gives the competitive edge to the C-Level Executive and his or her management team.

  • It is not just the Finance Department which will be using BI Tools:

Breaking this popular myth, it will the Operations and Productions departments which will make heavy usage of BI Tools in 2017.  For example, the usage of BI Tools grew from 20% in 2008 to 53% in 2016, and is only expected to grow further: “While BI has always been strong in sales and finance, production and operations departments have traditionally been more cautious about adopting it . . . the wave of big data from the Internet of Things and the Industrial Internet has increased awareness and demand for analytics, and will likely continue to drive further BI usage in production and operations.” (SOURCE:


As we now go further into 2017, the it is clear that data will be one of the prevalent assets which a business or a corporation can possess.  But, how that information is harnessed and capitalized upon with the usage of BI Tools is what will give the clear and distinct advantage in terms of penetrating new markets and getting new markets.  But more importantly, it will also serve as an extremely valuable role in terms of market intelligence, in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Tomorrow’s blog:  How to get rid of your passwords once and for all!!!!