Hey Everybody,

Given the sheer number of increases in the number of people throughout the United States testing positive for COVD19, the concept of the Remote Workforce is going to be around with us for quite some time yet to come.  In other words, it is predicted that most employees across Corporate America will be working from home at least until the end of this year, and even going perhaps into the start of 2021 as well.

With this, the Cyberthreat Landscape will be changing even more, with newer threat variants coming out that will be much more sophisticated and covert in nature.  Because of this, it is very important to stay one step ahead of the Cyberattacker.  True, this has been talked about many times before in the past, but how can it really be done?

The trick is to get into the mind of the Cyberattacker, and figure out how they will make their next move.  This is no easy feat to accomplish, but in today’s podcast, we get a detailed insight into how this is done.  We have the honor and privilege of interviewing Greg Johnson and Curt Jeppson, both of Webcheck Security.  Listen in to all of the cool hacking stories that they actually have engaged in!!!

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