In our last blog, we continued with the theme of the core components of the Cloud.  We started off with probably the very first and probably the most important one, the SaaS.  It is as this level in the Cloud where you can pretty much get anything you want in terms of software applications.  This can range anywhere from the SQL Server Databases all the way to a Java development platform.

Some of the big benefits of the SaaS include the availability on demand services, scalability, and best of all, fixed, affordable pricing (after all, why spend thousands of dollars at retail when you can get it for pennies on the dollar with the SaaS???)

Today, we look at a second crucial component of the Cloud – this is the Infrastructure as a Service, or the IaaS.  This can be viewed also as the backbone of the Cloud.  After all, it houses all of the virtual servers, the hardware, as well as other critical components which are needed to support the Cloud.

In order to drive in the benefits of the IaaS, let us look at yet another example.  Suppose there is a mom and pop photography and videography business.  Obviously, the clientele is expecting them to deliver high quality photos and videos, and to store these respective somewhere in case the originals get lost, stolen, damaged, etc.

The processing of both photos and videos takes an enormous amount of brute computer process strength and huge amounts of storage space.  After all, video files can be extremely huge, ranging from the gigabytes going all the way to the terabytes or even more, depending of course, on what is being filmed.

At first thought, the owners of the mom and pop shop probably looked at probably buying a server (perhaps even a used one) in order to process these photographs and store them in a central location for subsequent demand by their clients.

But, after they looked at various models, they came to the conclusion that perhaps buying their own sever probably will not be the best move, for the following reasons:

  • The hardware is simply too expensive;
  • They will be responsible for installing their own software which is needed to process the photos and videos;
  • They will be responsible for the maintenance of all hardware and software, as well as any relevant licensing;
  • Simply installing all of this stuff takes a lot of IT knowledge – of which they do not have.

Is there an alternative to this scenario?  Yes, there is, and that is the IaaS.  As mentioned, of the components that can be procured is that of a server.  The owners of the mom and pop store can choose to acquire either a virtual server or a dedicated server – either way, when they log into from their control panel-they will have the look and feel as if they are owning their own server.

So, what is great about renting a server at the IaaS?  Well, for the mom and pop owner, all of their woes have been successfully solved.  For example, instead of paying a few thousand bucks for a physical server, they can rent one for as low as ten bucks a month.  They can install all of the software they could ever want onto it.

They don’t have to worry about applying any patches or doing anything to secure their server  – the ISP does all of that.  They don’t have to worry about hiring an IT pro to manage their server – once again, the ISP takes care of all of that.  Or if the server crashes – no need to worry, help is only a phone call away from the support staff at the ISP.

So, just like getting a new software application, why spend all that money in getting a new server?  Get it from the IaaS!!!