Hey Everybody,

There is no doubt that the COVID19 has turned the world upside down, especially from the standpoint of Cybersecurity. We have seen things that have happened which have been completely unprecedented, especially with the extremely rapid deployment of employees to WFH on a global basis. We explore this in today’s podcast, with Joshua Liberman

In fact, it is a bit ironic to reflect upon the fact that the very old saying “may you live in interesting times” is generally referred to as an ancient Chinese curse, though I am unaware of any evidence that is actually true.  Nonetheless, SMB IT Security, along with just about everything else, changed dramatically this Spring.  We’ve seen VAST changes in very little time:

  • The very concept of the security perimeter has effectively been obliterated.  For many of us, there are more endpoints outside the firewall than inside it now.
  • The idea that we actually manage our endpoints has also become rather fanciful.  We now support, to varying degrees, machines and usage scenarios that were unthinkable just three months ago.
  • The entire paradigm of how we manage, secure, support and even bill for these devices is changing an has changed.  For many of us this is truly terra incognita.
  • Even the structure of how our clients’ businesses will move forward is in question.  As an owner of a commercial building that is currently almost unoccupied at the moment, all we can be sure of is change.

That leads to questions about what we will do to retain or regain our security posture.  But first we have to understand just what changes have been wrought and then find ways to defend our clients in whatever their new normal may be.

Joshua Liberman, President and founder of Net Sciences, Inc., has built and secured hundreds of networks in New Mexico.  Joshua has been a rock and ice climber, martial artist, and lifelong photographer.  Joshua has traveled across the world and speaks five languages.  Joshua is a writer, public speaker and IT business owner, and raises Siberian Huskies with his wife and best friend, Heidi Olsen, who calls him the Most Interesting Geek in the World.

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