Hey Everybody,

Yes, yes, we are still in COVID19, but the good news is that states are slowly starting to reopen up to varying levels of activity, which of course is great news.  There is no doubt that we are well aware Zoombombing, and the security issues of WFH. 

More than likely, as you gradually make the transition of getting back to your office, you will be hearing it from your boss on how you should be secure if you ever WFH again.

In this instance, typically passwords and FOBs are used (such as the random number generator from RSA Security), in order to provide a layer of 2FA.  But now, businesses are calling for the use of Multifactor Authentication, in which at least three or more layers of security are used.  In this instance, the use of Biometrics is being called upon to be used.

Facial Recognition has received a lot of attention, but has been dissed by the media has being to intrusive and wrought with privacy related issues.  But, there is another Biometric out there that could prove just as viable – this is known as “Keystroke Recognition”. 

It is deemed to be a behavioral kind of modality, in which the unique ways that you type on your computer keyboard can be used as a means to further confirm your identity.

How can this be done?  Well, we find out today in our podcast segment.  We interview Joshua Nystrom, of Intensity Analytics. 

Intensity Analytics is a distributed software company specializing in the measurement and interpretation of the mathematics of human behavior. The company’s breakthrough contribution to the cybersecurity field is having invented and broadly patented novel algorithms which make possible the comparison of human effort with sufficient accuracy to confirm a claim of identity at scale to make enterprises and individuals more secure. For more information, please visit intensityanalytics.com

Jonathan Nystrom took on the role of Interim CEO at Intensity Analytics in the fall of 2019. Jonathan has over three decades of experience bringing innovations to market, including start-ups, Fortune 500, and Big 4. Jonathan’s defining characteristics include relentless curiosity and an unwavering belief that there is always a better way and that fortune favors those who find a way to deliver it.

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