In today’s blog, we conclude our topic on Voice Recognition:

The Applications of Voice Recognition Systems 

The current applications for voice recognition systems are for physical access entry and where “remote identity verification” is required.  Examples of this include call center automation, and transaction processing applications via the telephone or computer.

Popular applications in this area are financial transactions (account access; funds transfer; bill payment; trading of financial instruments) and credit card processing (address changes; balance transfers; loss prevention).  Voice recognition has also made an impact in the penal system.  This technology has been used for inmates on parole, juvenile inmates, and those under house arrest.

However, voice recognition technology has not been as widely adopted and utilized as   the other biometric technologies examined in previous articles (iris recognition, fingerprint recognition, hand geometry recognition, and facial recognition).

But, there are indications that voice recognition could be adopted by a larger scale in the future.  A recent study conducted by Vocent Solutions, Inc. (a leader in voice recognition technology) suggests that:  (1)  Telephony is the primary means by which consumers will conduct financial transactions and access financial account information; (2)  Consumers know about the problem of identity theft;  (3)  Consumers feel that PIN Numbers and passwords are not secure enough;  (4)  A strong amount of concern exists when communicating confidential information over the telephone;  (5)  As a result of these security concerns and fears, consumers would be willing to participate in a voice recognition system, and also feel that it could potentially reduce fraud as well as identity theft.