In today’s blog, we continue with our theme on the Identity Access Manager, onto what the hot trends will be for this year. Here we go:

The Hot Trends for IAM by 2020

  • Mobile will define access rights:

Corporations and businesses will now be forced to make their IAM Systems to be scalable in real time.  After all, given the extremely rapid advances which are being made, the management team has to keep up with all of this.  If there are any lapses, then conditions could become ripe for a major security breach to occur.  Add to this complexity the drastic changes which are being brought on by the trend of “Bring Your Own Device” (“BYOD”).  In other words, quick adaptability will be key in order to maintain pace with innovation.

  • Identity Service Providers will be the norm:

Today, most businesses and corporations set their IAM System policies based upon the defined role, or the job profile of the employee in question.  For example, a manager will be given super user rights, whereas the administrative assistant will be given just the minimum amount which are needed in order to complete the associated tasks. But, the trend will now evolve where even social based profiles will also be implemented into the IAM System.  Such information and data will be distributed by external Identity Service Providers, such as those of GoogleID, Facebook identity, and PaypalID.  In fact, this trend has started to take root to some degree in the retail, banking, and media/publishing sectors.

It’s not surprising to hear about the last one:  With the plethora of Cloud Usage, it seems like that there is a provider for any type or kind of technology which is services related.  Stay tuned for the next two hot trends!!!