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We launched back in 2009.  Biometrics is one of those security technologies, when put upon a spectrum with other security technologies, that tends to be the most scrutinized and least trusted.  Why is this so?  Well, Biometrics sort of has that “James Bond” appeal straight from the movies.  In other words, people are marveled by it, but when it comes time to use the application, people turn the other way.

This happens because no other security technology takes a physiological or behavioral snapshot of our individual selves and uses it for the purposes of identification and verification.  Very often, we do not know what happens to these captured images, so fear often arises that it could be sold to an outside third party for monetary gain.

But truth be told, Biometrics is just another piece of technology which is just as prone to its fair share of successes and failures, just like anything else in life.  There is nothing mysterious about it. Really, all it is, is just garbage in and garbage out.

In fact, even the physiological and biological images which are taken of us are never stored in the Biometrics device.  It is usually discarded after it is converted over to a Biometric template.  Probably the only thing that is really fancy about Biometrics is all the fancy mathematical algorithms it uses.

It is really interesting to note the disparaging differences between the level of the adoption rates and usage of Biometrics between the different geographic regions of the world.  In the poorest of the poor countries like Africa and Asia, we see the citizens in those respective countries use Biometrics as if it were water just found in an oasis in a parched desert.  And, in the more prominent of the advanced countries, like the United States, Biometrics is nearly scorned upon, and is often associated with the “Mark of the Beast” in the Bible.

Longevity of Biometrics

Biometrics, whether people hate it, like it, or love it, is here to stay.  It is one of the few security technologies which possesses, to some degree, the ability for the good guys to keep in the so-called “cat and mouse” between the hackers and the evil doers.

And it is not just from a security standpoint, but Biometrics is also making its presence very well-known now in the international travel scene.  Forget about those traditional paper passports, the e-Passport is now the defacto way of travelling, and getting access into other countries.  Essentially, it is a smart card, of sorts, which can hold multiple Biometric templates, such as your iris, face, and fingers.   So rather than waiting in line to be processed, the idea here is that you can be in the country of your destination in just a matter of minutes.

But on a much more macro scale, Biometrics is now even being used in the National ID Card.  Essentially, this now becomes the primary way in which citizens around the world can be counted as legitimate people in the eyes of their own governments.  The National ID Card is also being used for health insurance purposes, and even for e-voting for when it comes time for the people to vote for their elected leaders.

One of the primary goals of BiometricNews.blog is to examine these social issues surrounding Biometrics, how and why it affects people the way in which does, and to examine and understand the disparaging differences of Biometrics usage amongst the various nations and countries around the world.

The purpose of this website is to provide a forum for people to freely express their thoughts, views, concerns, about Biometrics, through all media channels which are available (and the functionalities for these are coming soon to the website).  Of course, we would love to have the vendors post their press releases, late breaking news items, whitepapers, research papers, and yes of course, their advertising on this website.

Why not join this fun and exciting ride with us?  Our contact information can be seen in the “Contact Us” tab.

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