Let’s face it – from the moment we are born, there are two known facts to life.  That is, our time on this earth is finite, and yes, whether or not we like it, we will have to pay taxes.  We all experience the aging process in some way or another, it’s just a part of life.  Some people are blessed to be physically at a much older age (say like their 60s or 70s), but they still look like as if they are in their 30s.  How do they do it?  It could be a combination of medicine, plastic surgery, or by just exercising on a regular basis and just staying in reasonable shape.

For some people, looking and feeling young is just a part of their everyday life.  More so than any kind of physical intervention, maintaining a stress-free life (well, at leas as much as possible) and having for the most part a positive and optimistic outlook on everything can also have a huge impact as well on looking young.  But for a majority of people around the world, it is difficult to beat the odds on trying to look younger than what their age really is.

As a result, as mentioned, they turn over to taking doses of medication and even go through extensive surgery just so that they can find that proverbial “Fountain of Youth” yet once again.  One such medication that is used quite often is known as “Botox”.  It is widely available, and in fact, many women are now engaged in the act of hosting what are called “Botox Parties”.  But these can be very risky to participate in, and thus in the end, it is always wise to have a qualified medical professional to administer Botox.

This is the focal point of this blog.

What Is Botox?

While we may have heard it, what exactly is Botox?  It can be defined as follows:

“[It is[ the trade name for a substance injected into the skin which is known to inhibit muscle movement, and that can prevent wrinkles from developing or worsening.

The name ‘Botox’ actually comes from the word ‘botulous’ – which means sausage.

It is called this because the substance is related to a naturally occurring poison, which can occasionally be found at dangerous levels in bad meat products.”

As one can see from the above definition, Botox is a chemical that is natural, and is not chemically processed, thus making it reasonably safe to use.  The solution is injected into the patient where he or she wants the aging process to slow down for extended periods of time.  Most typically, Botox is commonly injected on the forehead lines, the wrinkles around the eyes, and the frown lines.

It works by simply by blocking the signals from the nerves to the muscles in that physiological location where the individual wants to look younger at.  Because of this, the muscle that receives the Botox injection cannot contract, and as a result, the wrinkles start to dissipate (because they become much softer).  Receiving Botox can be done in just a matter of minutes at your doctor’s office.  It is very easy to administer and is done so with a specialized needle and injector.

It can take anywhere from a week to even two weeks for the patient to completely feel the effects of the Botox injection(s).  During this time, they should not take the following:

  • Stop taking aspirin;
  • Stop taking anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • Stop taking alcohol.

The above should be done at least two weeks ahead of time before the scheduled procedure.  The side effects of receiving a Botox injection(s) are very minor, with the end result being just some bruising.  Some other, but very rare side effects can also occur, such as migraine headaches and drooping eyelids, but these disappear in about a day or two.

It should be noted that females whom are pregnant, breastfeeding, or those individuals that have certain neurological conditions should not use Botox at all.

The Dangers of Botox Parties

Because of the positive effects that can be gained by Botox, many individuals are now resorting it to using it.  In fact, rather than waste time in visiting their doctor, many of them are now attending what are known as “Botox Parties”.  It can be defined as follows:

“[It] is essentially a social gathering, usually in a person’s home, where someone comes to administer Botox injections or other dermal fillers to a large group. The casual, social environment makes it less threatening to first-time Botox users. Nowadays, so many women undergo this procedure – not just high-profile celebrities – that we can easily understand the appeal.” 


But with this appeal and allure, there are a number of key medical risks to attending a Botox party, and some of the more dangerous ones are as follows:

  • Because a specially trained medical professional is not administering the drug, even more serious side effects can occur, other than the ones just described.  For example, this can include severe muscle weakness, vision problems, trouble in vocal communications, and even complete loss of bladder control.
  • At these Botox parties, alcohol is very often served, in order to provide for a much festive environment.  But keep in mind, any doctor will tell you that alcohol consumption and receiving Botox treatments are a very lethal combination and can end in extremely disastrous results.
  • In administering the injections at these parties, there is no Federal regulation or oversight into the safety or hygiene of the venue.  Because of this, other pathogens or harmful bacteria can be introduced into the party goer, with just as much devastating side effects.
  • Keep in mind, that it is only a licensed doctor or nurse that can legally administer Botox.  At these venues, individuals are often asked to sign what is known as a “Waiver” by them.  In these instances, this document will alleviate either the doctor or the nurse from any medical wrongdoing.  Basically, you are giving up your legal rights for later recourse should more serious side effects occur.  But, if you have your Botox injection done at your doctor’s office, all that is signed is an “Informed Consent” document.  This simply states that you have been warned by your doctor about the benefits and risks of receiving a Botox treatment.  But with this, you are not giving up any legal rights whatsoever; you can still file a malpractice lawsuit against your practitioner should the circumstance arise.
  • At these parties, there is often very much peer pressure that is involved.  As a result, an individual may be coaxed into receiving an injection when they don’t really need one, or they may be totally unaware if they have any medical issues that could cause severe complications if they receive a Botox injection.  Remember, this is just a pure effort in which to increase sales by the nurse or doctor at these venues.
  • Keep in mind that at Botox parties, you may not even receive a Botox injection.  You may be given something entirely different, which is even much more dangerous that you will not know of.  Or, if it is really Botox, the source from which it was procured may even be completely illegitimate.  For example, it may have been purchased from the Dark Web, and because of that, the Botox substance could even be very well contaminated.
  • There may not be proper lighting available the Botox Party, thus the person administering it may not see the area where the Botox needs to be injected, and instead, inject in another, unnecessary area, causing horrible complications in the end.
  • How do you even know that the needle that is being used is even sterile at all?  It could have very well been inserted into a previous individual that could potentially have HIV, hepatitis and even tuberculosis.  Also, is the person administering the injection even washing their hands?  Most likely not.

Why Should You Receive Botox Treatments From Your Doctor?

Although Botox Parties can initially be fun, in the long run, the risks of getting an injection here will far outweigh benefits.  So, why should you visit your doctor to have a Botox injection?  The reasons are obvious:

  • Your doctor will know you, from a medical perspective, the best.  He or she can diagnose you, see what kind of medical conditions that you may presently have, and give an honest medical opinion if there are any dangers that are posed to you in getting such a treatment.
  • Your doctor will be even able to provide “friendly medical advice”.  The bottom line here is that they can tell you if you really need or not.  Also, they can even recommend the appropriate age at which you should have this procedure done.
  • The injection will take place in an environment that is sterile, clean, and for the most part, contain no unknown pathogens or dangerous bacteria, as opposed to a party venue, where any germ can be present, that you are unaware of.  For example, your doctor is required, and will have to use special hygiene products before the administration in order to avoid the introduction of any other potential medical diseases, as pointed out in the last section.
  • Your doctor’s office is obviously regulated by Federal regulation and oversight, much of it enforced by the rules and regulations by HIPAA.  Thus, there are certain procedures that your doctor must follow in preparation for, and during the administration of the Botox treatment.
  • By having your doctor administer the Botox injection, you can hold him or her both medically and legally responsible.  This simply means that if there are undesirable and serious side effects that you are suffering, by all means, you can file a lawsuit.  This is total opposite to a Botox party, where you give up all rights, when you sign that waiver, as described previously.
  • Technically, if Botox is administered at a Botox party, you can be guaranteed that it will not be covered by your existing medical insurance.  But, if you have this done at your doctor’s office, there are much greater chances that it will be accepted, thus reducing your overall cost.
  • Bu having your doctor give you the injection, you can be 100% guaranteed that the actual Botox substance will be coming from a legitimate and reliable source, and that it will be safe to administer.
  • If you have your Botox injection given at a party, how reliable is the person that is administering it?  In other words, will they be around in the subsequent future in case you have questions or need help?  The answer to this is probably not.  But by having your doctor do it, you can be guaranteed that they will be available 24 X 7 X 365, if necessary.


We all wish to look younger as we go through the aging process, there is no doubt about that.  But it is important to do all of this the right way, especially when it comes to receiving Botox treatments.  You have to think about the greater good when deciding to having it done at a Botox Party or at your doctor’s office.  Hands down, you should have it done via the latter approach.

Here are some key things to keep in mind when trying to find a qualified doctor to do this for you:

  • Is the doctor board certified to do this kind of procedure?  Your best bet is to have a reputable, plastic surgeon do this particular procedure.
  • Does the doctor have a deep level of experience in administering Botox injections?
  • Will they accept your current medical insurance plan?
  • After you have selected the particular doctor, do you feel confident and at pure ease with the rapport you have with him or her?
  • He or she fully answers any and all questions you have not only about the procedure, but about the Botox substance itself.  If they don’t this is can be considered as a huge red flag.

Remember, go out there and stay young! But do it the safe way!!