When I was thinking of what to write for today’s blog posting, I was going to write about how to create a Multiple Layer Security Model using Biometrics.  While this is important, I just didn’t feel like writing it today.  Instead, I am going to discuss a little bit on something much more controversial.  I try to stay apolitical, but today I cannot do it.

We had two choices for a President, and both were the worst ever in recent history.  Not to mention names, one has a habit of lying, and the other has a habit of having an ego as big as the Grand Canyon.  Well, we (not me) elected the latter.  I was first very depressed about this, but decided perhaps this individual is deserving of a chance.

As much as I have tried to keep a positive attitude, and I cannot anymore.  Given the recent Executive Orders signed, and many innocent people being caught in the middle of this nonsensical travel ban, I am repulsed and feel like puking my guts outside my apartment balcony.

I have to be honest, I have never seen the United States so divided, and so racially explosive in my entire life.  It kind of feels like we have been thrown back to the 1960s and the evilness that time period faced of racial segregation.

I don’t ever remember a time when I have seen so many protests, and so many divided lines in our own government.  These are truly challenging and exhausting times, but in the end the United States is strong, no matter who the POTUS is at the time.  We will get through this madness and craziness one way or another.

But, there is another concern I have.  And that is about the pace of technological adoption here in the United States.  Yes, we are the leader in the world in terms of technology, but there are certain areas in which we lag far behind the rest of the world in.  One of that is Security.  My fear is that with the current administration at hand, as a country, we will fall even further behind in terms of fortifying our borders with the latest Security technologies, as we obsess about travel bans and building that wall with our neighbor to the south of us.

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