In today’s blog, we continue with the trends in which how you can use Business Intelligence (BI) tools to harness that data you have in your Smartphone.  Here we go:

  • The BI Tools will become a one stop shop for all end users:

Who doesn’t like to have reports or a metrics dashboard that is custom created to your own, unique needs?  This is the one area in which the BI Vendors have prided themselves upon when attracting new clients, by delivering this personalized service, also known as the “Self Service BI”.  But, it is expected that the BI Tool for 2017 will literally become a one stop shop for all kinds of customers.  For example, there will be a shift of offering a BI Tool that not only remains federally compliant (as described up above), but all customers, whether they be individuals, or large and small businesses, can access the information, data, and the trends that they need from just one source.  One of the primary advantages of this is that the IT staff of the BI Vendor will thus have a much easier as well as a much more productive time making sure that the datasets are accurate, and updated in real time on a daily basis.

  • A close collaboration for all of those involved:

With the death of the “Self Service BI” toolset soon to be eminent, the idea of collaboration in BI Tools will be strongly advocated.  As mentioned earlier, the Internet of Things is having a strong influence in the way we interact with different objects around us.  This same level of interaction is also to be highly expected to catalyze the growth of collaboration.  This effort will not just be restricted to the end users whom are using the tool, but it will also extend to  the level of the BI Vendor, in which they will have to create brand new software code and applications so that they can interact more efficiently and effectively with the experts whom are providing the actual datasets.

Think about this one:  Whoever thought that using Business Intelligence (BI) Tools would lead to greater collaboration amongst peers???  Wasn’t that left to the world of Social Media???