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The Security Risks You Need To Know About Apple Pay

Our last blogs have provided an overview into  what a virtual payment is, as well as an overview into  the major components of the virtual payment (aka mobile wallet) infrastructure.  There is no doubt that there are many moving parts to it, in a way like a car.  If...

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The Security Threats Posed To Mobile Apps That You Must Know

Yes, as we know it, the world is becoming full of mobile apps. You name it, there is a mobile app for something.  It seems like that every day, there are literally hundreds of new mobile apps coming out every day, in just about every type and kind of industry. Heck,...

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Ever Had Your Credit Card Stolen? Read On

As an American society, we thrive on using our credit cards.  Who wouldn’t?  I mean its an instant line of credit when we need to make a purchase from wherever and wherever, and its an instant source of cash advancements when we need it the most (arghh,  barring those...

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The Last Part Of The Apple Pay Infrastructure

Today, we look at the last part of the mobile wallet infrastructure, which is that of the Payment Network Provider.  This is where all of the mobile wallet payment transactions are finally processed and settled.  In other words, this is leg where your payment to the...

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Even The Credit Card Companies Aren’t Safe – Must Read

In today’s blog posting, we look at the security threats which are posed to other critical parts of the mobile wallet infrastructure:  The Payment Service Provider and the Acquirer.  The former actually authenticates the Apple Pay customer to the transaction he or she...

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Mom and Pop Stores Be Aware Of This!!!

Whenever we go shopping either online or at an actual brick and mortar store, our first rounds of fears hit is when we actually enter  in our credit card information, and then hit the “submit” button; or in the case of the latter, when we swipe our credit card through...

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